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Waxing Factory Academy

A Training Course for Licensed Estheticians

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Presented by Tabaya Romain,
Owner of Waxing Factory.

Tee is from New York City and has lived in Florida for 6 years. She has been doing full body waxing for 8 years and is currently working as a waxer and owner of Waxing Factory. 

Tee has a passion for waxing and a passion for her clients. Waxing isn’t just about technique, it’s about making your client as comfortable as possible during their experience. Her goal is to motivate her students to be able to work at any salon or spa with confidence.


This is a three day course for newly licensed facial specialists, full specialists, or cosmetologists to gain experience. You will be waxing all body parts on both men and women, with a specific focus on Brazilian waxing.


Eyebrow Wax
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