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how to prepare

Curious about waxing? Is this your first time receiving a wax? Concerned about waxing?  No worries! We got you covered. We gently pamper and exfoliate your skin with lavender lotion, which soothes, detoxifies, and hydrates your skin. Depending on what location you may want to be waxed, we use hard and soft waxes. Hard wax only sticks to the hair and not the skin, which makes a more pleasurable experience than traditional waxing, and it helps with clients that may have sensitive skin to enjoy the process of waxing. While soft wax lays on top of the skin, mostly used in the fine tune areas, and provides a level of deeper exfoliation.


After wax treatment, we only use natural oils to help soothe and relax your skin. We use jojoba oil or jasmine oil, which gives leaves your skin feeling hydrated, provides long-lasting moisturizer, balancing and create even skin tone and anti-aging benefits.


For our shavers, wanting to try waxing. Please keep in mind, you must wait a full 2 weeks after your recent shave to see the best results after being waxed.  

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